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  The wooden staircase is surely one of the most important and most impressive structures of a house, as connects the different levels of a building. A wooden staircase has to be safe, functional and to give a nice style to the house.

Our company manufactures staircases, after request, which are being modified according to the needs of the space and the desires of the client. We undertake the design and the construction of the staircase, always according to the rules of art and science.

We desire to make a staircase for your home, which will be also a decorative element and will reflect the taste of the family. Besides, the construction of a staircase is an inexhaustible field of art and technique either is a traditional, classic or a modern one.

Our company undertake to manufacture:

  • Floating staircase: this is a staircase which is not surrounded by walls and can satisfy even your most difficult demands, as provides great flexibility about its design and the way of its construction.
  • Panelling of concrete staircase: we cover your concrete staircase with wood, in order to give a nicer style and to fix any possible mistakes of its construction (wrong altitudes, dissimilarity of the stairs, etc). The panelling happens with solid wood of your choice, while the staircase can be with risers, baseboards, or floating staircase.
  • Helical staircase: this staircase has a rounded shape. It is ideal for small places.
  • Loft staircase: it’s especially manufactured for short distances
  • Staircase balusters: they are made of well-shaped, solid wood, in a chosen by the client design.

In the manufacturing of the wooden staircases, we use:

  • Iroko
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Cypress
  • Swedish lumber
  • Teak