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Deck Placement

When you love the wood, you want it everywhere! That’s why, the outdoor deck floor was created.

The deck floor is being used for the panelling of external spaces and is made of wood of high durability against the various weather conditions and the humidity. A deck floor can be used in many ways; as a balcony floor, in the garden, around the swimming pool or for external spaces of cafes, stores, etc. It can be used even on the beach as a corridor. Also, you can use it as a partition for wide spaces such as balconies or as an enclosure for your garden. We can say that its uses are as much as the ideas we have.

The materials which are being used for a deck floor are the followings:

  • Solid tropical lumber
    • Teak: doubtless, it’s one of the best and most beautiful woods, worldwide.
    • Iroko: it comes from western and eastern Africa and is good as a replacement for the Teak
    • Bangkirai: it’s popular, much more affordable than the Teak and Iroko, and it’s suitable for external spaces and pools.
    • Composite lumber: we use the synthetic deck, which is made of 70% wood and 30% polymer. It’s available in many colours and techniques and has more benefits, comparing it with the natural wood.