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The soundproofing, the protection from the external weather conditions and the ensuring from the external dangers are only some of the basic functions, for using a casing.

According to studies, which have been accomplished from the WWF, for the protection of the environment, the production of a casing of PVC requires 8 times more energy than to produce a wooden casing. Also, the production of the aluminium requires even more energy than this for the PVC, as huge amounts of electricity are necessary in order to separate the element from its raw materials.

The technological methods, which are being used to manufacture the wooden casings, ensure their high quality and their incomparable durability against the time. Almost, there is no need for maintenance, as the modern wooden casings can remain new, requiring only some simple care and cleaning.

Our company manufacture shutters of different types and designs, covering every architectural or aesthetic requirement.

Some of the available choices are:

  • Traditional Corfu shutters on marble with double plywood, screw
  • Shutter in leaf, with stable sunblind
  • Shutter in leaf, with moveable sunblind
  • Panelled with sunblind combination
  • Sunblind with stable leaf
  • Sunblind with adjustable leaf

Of course, we have the technical knowledge and ability to manufacture any design you desire.

The shutters, manufactured by our company, are mainly made of solid lumber Meranti. For the traditional Corfu shutters, the use of plywood is necessary, in order to provide durability and reliability.

The frames of the shutters have a special ring, which is being used also as infrastructure for the placement of a screen, either initially, or in the future upon request of the client.

Our shutters variety also includes shutter constructions with leaves of folding moving, for the covering of openings with a large width.