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 T he roof works as a regulator of the climate of the house. That’s why, it’s necessary to be manufactured and applied according to the highest standards. The roof comes into direct contact with the external environment, so it has to be solid and compact, stable and made of high quality durable materials, in order to offer safety and security, contributing to the armouring of the home.

In collaboration with the client, we choose the construction which suits the most in the place. Also, we choose the most suitable materials according to the most affordable price and we find the best and unique solution for every place.

The framework of a roof is made of wood, while its shape varies depending on the form of the house and the area in where will be placed the roof.


The insulation works as a protection and is one of the ‘invisible’ points of the roof. Possibly, it’s not so important for its aesthetics but has really important affects to a comfortable living in a house. It is being designed such a way to work as a shield against the external climate conditions and as a shell, which holds and remains the heating in the internal of the house. So, taking into account the specificities of a house and the local environment, we choose with you the most ideal solution.

We also make a special plan for the insulation and water tightness of the roof.

Types of wood, which are being used for the manufacturing of wooden roofs

  • Combined
  • Swedish
  • White lumber

Types of wooden roofs and balconies

  • Pitched roof (one direction)
  • Gable roof
  • Sloping roof (three directions)
  • Hip roof
  • Polygonal
  • Special constructions
  • Traditional roof known as ‘armakaina’ in a full applying on the visible roofs