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The wooden floor is a classic and extra fine material which offers the warm sense of the wood, giving the place a sense of luxury.

Before choosing a floor, it’s good to know what will be the use of the place where the floor will be placed, as the use and the maintenance of the floor, in the future, will affect its quality and its durance.

Our company undertake the placement of wooden solid, nailed floors, floating semi-solid floors or pre-polished floors and laminate floors, always according to the advices of their manufacturing companies.


The wooden solid floor is nailed on support beams or on planking made of plywood. The gap between the wood and the flooring can be covered by thermal insulating or soundproofing material. After this process, the floor can be rubbed, covered by a primer coat and finally, be polished. After the completion of the process, the solid floor, through the passage of time, can be renewed  a lot of times with rubbing or re-polishing.

The nailed floor is the most classical way of floor placement and is the ideal solution for floors with an altitude range, the client can choose among a variety of wooden strips with large dimensions, while can choose the same material for the panelling of the staircases, to achieve the absolute sameness. Also, the nailed floor provides flexibility when walking, thermal insulation in the construction and a unique sense.

When the time and specifications require, the ready, pre-polished or semi-solid floors are the ideal solution. They are quick and affordable regarding their placement and their maintenance, thanks to their durability against the hard use. They can be maintained only with rubbing or polishing. One more benefit is the choice of colour and texture we desire from the beginning.

The placement of this floor happens to smooth surfaces such as cement, textiles, mosaic, marble etc.

The laminate floors are placed in internal places and are an affordable solution for a wooden floor effect. They are placed on a smooth surface and are connected buckling the first with the second. Among their many benefits is the quick placement and the instant use, the durability against the damages and of course the easier cleaning.

Types of wood, which are being used for the floor placement

  • Oak
  • Iroko
  • Cypress
  • Swedish
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Wenge


In collaboration with you, we have the ability to place the floor you like, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information and clarifications.