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T he external doors separate the surrounding area with the privacy and protection of the internal area. Additionally, the central entrance of a home is one of its most impressive elements, while connecting, architecturally, the internal with the external part. We manufacture entrances, which stand out for their aesthetic and their maximum level of safety and security. With you, we can design a unique external door, which will give to your place the elegance that deserves.

Design & Functionality

Regardless of the design, modern or traditional, all of the entrances carry solid wood, security lock including 5 adjustable and 3 stable points, double rings, heavy duty hinges, double rubbers (perimetrically and under the frame), sealing off your house from the wind and the water. For the traditional Corfu entrances, there is the ability for an opening window or stable security glass and decorative, traditional iron work. Depending on the dimension of the opening, the door can be double leaf, double leaf with stable side, with stable glass partition, with transom and more.

Type of woods, which are being used for the construction of an entrance, are the followings:

  • Meranti
  • Iroko
  • Oak
  • Swedish
  • Other

Type of entrances

  • Paneled
  • Traditional doors of Corfu