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Wood is the most recommendable material, regarding the insulation and soundproofing for the manufacturing of the casings. It is now clear that the use of wooden casings on a building, decreases the energy consumption, which is necessary for the heating or the cooling of the building. Additionally, the modern technological materials which are being used for the manufacturing of a wooden casing, increase even more the insulating ability of the casings. Also, thanks to its porous structure, the wood offers very good soundproofing, as it traps the sound and decreases the reverberation.

Our company has high quality standards regarding the provided products and the satisfaction of our clients. That’s why, we have established the Quality Management System and we work according to the rules of the European standard ΕΝ 14351-1, for the CE marking.

The wooden casings of our company are manufactured industrially, under complicated, controlled, full and strictly certified processes, which offer:

  • Durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Certified technical specifications
  • Top aesthetic
  • Absolute thermal insulation
  • Exceptional longevity
  • Structural strength

Commonly, we use mostly lumber, such as the Meranti and pine-wood. Their basic processing is the drying, and the tincture with fungicidal and preservative materials. The drying process happens with natural methods, in controlled storage places and in specific duration. The casings also include adjustable hinges and perimeter mechanisms of advanced technology.

The profil, which is being used for the manufacturing of the casings, is solid wood, cut into 3 parts and re-welded in such a way to achieve a triple layered wood panel (triple plywood). The results of this method are the increase of the mechanical durability of the wood and the removal of the natural tendencies, which can possibly take place over the natural drying.

The company offers wooden casings which are manufactured according to the German specifications and have the following features:

  • Profil: the profils, which are being used, are from triple plywood and offer a wide range of segmentations (68,78 and 92 mm)
  • Connections: the connections happen with the mortise method, which provides an absolute accuracy to the connection point and a great durability and longevity
  • Double or triple vitrescence (depending on the choice of the client) in any pattern
  • Mechanisms of recumbency and locking on many points, perimetrically of the casing
  • The colouring (if it’s required) happens with water-soluble, ecological tincture lacquers of 3 phases, so you can choose any of the colours of the international stylisation RAL. Using this method, it’s not necessary to apply the old type of maintenance (rubbing-painting)

Also, we place rubbers, perimetrically of the leaf, for water tightness, soundproofing and insulation. Additionally, we place reinforced hinges and jacks of 3 points made of the company GU. The internal and external ledges are made of solid wood including a place for screen, on the frame. In the bottom of the window pane is placed a water-collector for the drainage of the water. This feature is ideal for the extreme weather conditions (intense rainfalls etc.). The external part of the window panel is covered by a solid wooden coating.

The types of the glazings for windows and French doors can be either squared or round, depending on the demands of your place:

  • Opening
  • Opening / tilting
  • Sliding
  • With several layers
  • German type with triple rubber, according to all the standards
  • Traditional with muntins
  • Stable

As it is already mentioned, for the manufacturing of the wooden window panes (glazings) we use lumber Meranti. Also, can be used the chosen by the client lumber such as Swedish, Iroko, etc.